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Class Descriptions

Happy Feet: Toddlers and caregivers will interact with one another enhancing developing

coordination & listening skills through movement & rhythmic exploration. In addition, they will be introduced to different ethnic dances, percussion instruments and World Music. The fun factor is an extremely important part of class as this age group is quite impressionable. Images, stories and different types of props will aid in this process.

Contemporary Ballet Fusion I, II, III, IV: Ballet technique intensely incorporates all parts of the body and prepare students to build endurance for choreography and performance. It also provides a solid foundation and discipline for many other dance forms. Each class will progress to the appropriate level

according to age and/or ability.

African Dance: A fusion of various regional african dances will be explored. Concentration on coordination, rhythm and musicality are essential components. These dances will also provide students with high-energy endurance, challenging body isolations and and appreciation of historical afrocentric rhythms and culture.

Latin Dance: Social dances like Salsa/Mambo and Cha-cha will be introduced. Incorporated are medium and fast tempo rhythms set to choreography. Students participate in a high energy warm-up, traveling footwork and dance steps that lead to partnering.

Folkloric Dances: Dances emphasize local folk culture while incorporating ballet characteristics. Movements are highly theatrical and preparation for performance is essential. Students will be train and rehearse for participation in local cultural and educational celebrations.

Aerial Silks: This is a modern circus art using two long strands of fabric stretched from the ceiling to the floor. From high up, students learn intricate knots and climbs to create poses, slides and drops.

Hip-Hop Fusion: This is a fun and high-energy class accompanied by R&B and Pop music. It encompasses freestyle movements enhancing syncopation and sharp body isolations. Students are encouraged to develop their own sense of style and self-confidence.

KidzFUSION!: This class is specifally designed to be a high-energy, non-stop movement class. Athletic props and physical games are added for extra fun. Boys would do great in this class!

World Rhythms: Rhythm and movement are fused as participants explore world dance forms. Latin Ballroom, African Danza and Belly Dance are among many of the techniques and styles incorporated. Positive self-expression and confidence in movement is encouraged.